Sailplane Fleet

Like any aspect of aviation, Soaring is equipment intensive.

Whether launched by aerotow or winch, the glider relies on some type of mechanical assist to become airborne, but once aloft and after release, glider flight depends on the skill of the pilot, the prevailing atmospheric conditions, and the mechanical condition of the aircraft.

Although gliders are much less complicated than engine-equipped aircraft, they are still subject to rigorous FAA inspection requirements.

Although we're a relatively small club, we're proud of our professionally maintained fleet.
Schweizer SGS 2-33 (two place glider)
Schweizer SGS 1-26 (single place glider)
(Courtesy Boeing Employees Soaring Club)
Blanik L-13 (two place glider)
Grob 103 (two-place mid-performance glider)
Callair A9B Tow Plane towing 2-33